There are two components of the CVMA CVAProgram where fees are assessed.

  1. Final Examination and Certification – Includes the final examination, a certificate of completion, a two-year certification and a one year membership in CVMA upon successful completion of the final exam.
  2. Monthly online access –Allows up to 20 staff members to access the CVMA CVA educational program and the complete ACT library covering a variety of educational tools for the entire hospital staff (receptionists, managers, technicians, kennel personnel, and veterinary assistants) including dozens of RACE approved CE programs at no additional charge. There are no long term contracts.

To take advantage of the CVMA CVA Program, practices are required to make an initial commitment of 1 pre-paid certification and the first month’s access fee.
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Prepaid credential credits do not expire as long as the monthly access to the CVMA CVA curriculum is maintained.

As additional students complete the CVMA CVA requirements, certification credits can be purchased prior to CVMA CVA examination. All students must be at least 16 years of age to qualify for the CVMA CVA Program.

CVMA CVA Renewal

  • – CVMA CVA certification renewals will be sent out every 2 years.
  • – 10 CE units will be required every 2 years (ACT, PacVet and other CVMA programs are accepted).
  • – A $30 renewal fee per student for CVMA members – ($100 renewal fee per student for non-members)