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The CVMA is pleased to offer the CVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVMA CVA) Program. Unregistered assistants now have the opportunity to advance their knowledge and learn the skills needed to increase their value as a member of the veterinary practice team. With the CVMA CVA (CVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant) Program, you can offer your hospital staff a dynamic educational opportunity to work while completing a comprehensive certification from the CVMA. This certification program helps to bring about the transition from “a job in a veterinary hospital” to “a career in veterinary medicine”.
The CVMA CVA program is based on the fact that students learn best when they are doing. This program blends four unique learning components into one educational experience:


Web based learning


600 hours of hands-on time with a California licensed veterinarian or registered veterinary technician


Ability to perform specific skills as outlined on the task list. CVMA CVA Mentor Guidelines


Culminating in an online examination

Working with Animal Care Technologies (ACT), a leader in delivering innovative educational resources to the veterinary profession, the CVMA has built a program that is easy to implement, extremely cost effective for the hospital, and designed to teach key staff members the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to perform as a veterinary assistant at the highest level.

This program is flexible enough to allow most of the staff to complete the curriculum within a 4 month period without ever having to leave the hospital. As part of this program, there are additional educational resources offered for receptionists, kennel personnel, and managers. RACE approved CE opportunities are available for the Registered Veterinary Technicians in your practice. A well trained staff is one of the best investments you can make.


  • Student must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Student must have a mentor assigned to them at their practice. This mentor must be either a California licensed veterinarian or a Registered Veterinary Technician.